Mesmerica Center for Conscious Creativity Award; Mesmerica 360's award-winning immersive show in Fort Worth, recognized for innovation and artistic excellence
Mesmerica Jena Fulldome Award; Mesmerica 360's award-winning immersive show in Fort Worth, recognized for innovation and artistic excellence
Mesmerica DTLA Film Festival; Mesmerica 360's award-winning immersive show in Fort Worth, recognized for innovation and artistic excellence
Mesmerica PGA Award; Mesmerica 360's award-winning immersive show in Fort Worth, recognized for innovation and artistic excellence

About Mesmerica

 Logo of James Hood's Mesmerica, a top weekend event featuring immersive music and visual art in Fort Worth

Experience Mesmerica 360, Fort Worth's premier visual music journey.!

Dive into a world of 3D animated art, curated from artists worldwide, set to the mesmerizing music of Grammy-nominated composer and percussionist
James Hood.

This immersive show, one of the top things to do in Fort Worth, is designed to transcend time, offering soothing relaxation and stimulating your mind and senses. An ideal weekend event, it's a must-see, family-friendly, stress-relieving activity that engages both art lovers and music enthusiasts alike!

“I want 'Mesmerica' to inspire you into taking a journey with me inside the mind, to engage your senses and feelings with a miraculous alchemy of sound and light!”
James Hood, Show Creator



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Frequently Asked Questions

This family-friendly, mind-expanding projection experience is designed to relieve stress, and is suitable for all ages 6 years and above.

Come and leave your troubles at the door as we take you on a fantastic journey into awe-inspiring imaginary landscapes.

Tickets for Beautifica can be purchased here

A limited number of seats are available each performance, so to avoid disappointment please book your Beautifica tickets early, especially if booking groups.

Yes! We offer 10% off discounts for families, groups and returning guests.

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We have the following discounts available;

15% off for bookings of x30-x99 tickets

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Simply add any combination of ticket types and the discount should apply automatically once you reach the correct number of tickets in your shopping cart.

Please direct all customer service enquiries to our Beautifica Box Office Team Email Us

All tickets are 100% refundable up to 30 days of the date of your event.

Our Customer Service Team aim to reply within 5 hours between the hours of 10am to 10pm (PT).

There are no strobe lights used in the production but there are some fast image and light transitions, so we would advise caution for those who suffer from seizures. Equally, while the vast majority of our patrons have an amazing time with no issues, a small minority who are very susceptible to motion sickness find immersive entertainment slightly uncomfortable, so we would advise caution if you fall into this camp.

We have found that autistic people LOVE our shows! Please note the venue is dark and there is surround sound. We advise sitting at the end of a row if you think a quick exit might be required. Our on-site staff will assist if you alert them at check-in.

We are committed to following state and federal guidelines.

Should any precautions be required for a particular show, you will receive an email confirming the policies in place for the show you are attending. If you are not comfortable with these our customer service team will gladly assist you moving your tickets to a later showing.

For further information, see our Covid Safety Guidelines

Show Times & Seating Schedule

Please arrive promptly, seats are first-come-first-served!
Latecomers will not be admitted.
Mesmerica's run time is approximately 45-60 minutes.

VIP & Wheelchair guests check-in 30 minutes before showtime, will have priority entry to the planetarium seating
All other tickets check-in 30 minutes before showtime, after VIP & Wheelchair users

Additional Venue Information

Concessions are not available during the event.
Food, drink, and chewing gum are not allowed in the Noble Planetarium.

Venue Information

The Pierce College Science Dome

The Pierce College Science Dome is a 38 foot digital planetarium that is the only one of its kind in the South Puget Sound region. This immersive and interactive facility allows visitors to view the night sky from anywhere in the known universe on a cloudy day, be immersed in an alien environment with breathtaking full-dome images, and so much more.!The Pierce College Science Dome supports Pierce College classes, offers educational public and private planetarium shows, field trips, summer camps, and special events centered around hot topics in space.


Pierce College Science Dome
Rainier Building Room 263, 9401, Farwest Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98498


Public Shows are Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Field Trips and Private shows are available by request.
See for more details

The Planetarium is open;
Monday - Friday: 10 AM – 4 PM
Saturday: 1 - 7 PM
Sunday: Closed


The Science Dome has four wheelchair spaces and two companion seats.


- Parking for the Science Dome is in Pierce College Lot A. There is no charge for parking.After turning into Pierce College by the readerboard sign on Farwest Dr, turn left into parking lot A.

-The Science Dome is in the Rainier building on the ground floor


To learn more about the Pierce College Science Dome, visit

About James Hood

the artist behind Mesmerica...

James Hood Grammy-nominated composer James Hood is a venerated pioneer in the musical world, especially known for his mesmerizing work on the PanART hang - a uniquely mesmeric melodic instrument.

His music creates an extraordinary journey, a stress-relief experience not unlike his immersive show, Mesmerica 360.

Known for playing drums with The Pretenders and leading the visionary ambient/electronica act Moodswings for over two decades,
James Hood has contributed to an array of production and soundtrack projects, and now adding to the vibrant landscape of events in Fort Worth with his "Mesmerica" planetarium experience.

Discover more about
James Hood and his captivating music experiences by visiting

James Hood, Grammy-nominated composer of the Mesmerica 360 show