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Mesmerica is a visual music journey that brings the mesmerizing music of Grammy-nominated composer and percussionist James Hood together with visually-hypnotic, 3D animated art curated from artists around the world, creating an immersive experience designed to transcend time, relax, soothe, and stimulate your mind and senses...

“I want 'Mesmerica' to inspire you into taking a journey with me inside the mind, to engage your senses and feelings with a miraculous alchemy of sound and light!”

- James Hood, Show Creator

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Meet James Hood

the artist behind Mesmerica...

James Hood is renowned as a vital and versatile musical pioneer - especially with his work on the PanART hang, a uniquely mesmeric melodic instrument, and for his collaborations with international animation artists.

His lengthy and varied musical resumé includes playing drums in The Pretenders, an ongoing two-decades-plus run as mastermind of the visionary ambient/electronica act Moodswings, and an expansive array of production and soundtrack projects.

What is Mesmerica?

This family-friendly, mind-expanding projection experience is designed to relieve stress, and is suitable for all ages 6 years and above.

Come and leave your troubles at the door as we take you on a fantastic journey into awe-inspiring imaginary landscapes.

How do I book tickets?

Tickets for Mesmerica can be purchased here

A limited number of seats are available each performance, so to avoid disappointment please book your Mesmerica tickets early, especially if booking groups.

Are there any promo codes?

Yes! We offer 10% off discounts for families, groups and returning guests.

When selecting your tickets look for ‘Redeem coupon/voucher’ text below your Shopping Cart, underneath your carts Total. Discounts apply to the entire cart.

MESMERICAFAMILY - 10% off for adults booking with children

MESMERICAGROUP - 10% off when booking 6 or more tickets

MESMERICASOUL - 10% off if you have seen Mesmerica before

Planning a visit for a large group?
We have the following discounts available;

15% off for bookings of x30-x99 tickets

20% off for bookings of x100+ tickets

Simply add any combination of ticket types and the discount should apply automatically once you reach the correct number of tickets in your shopping cart.

How do I contact the Box Office?

Please direct all customer service enquiries to our Mesmerica Box Office Team

All tickets are 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to the date of your event.

Our Customer Service Team aim to reply within 5 hours between the hours of 10am to 10pm (PT).

Is the show suitable for guests who are prone to seizures or motion sickness?

There are no strobe lights used in the production but there are some fast image and light transitions, so we would advise caution for those who suffer from seizures. Equally, while the vast majority of our patrons have an amazing time with no issues, a small minority who are very susceptible to motion sickness find immersive entertainment slightly uncomfortable, so we would advise caution if you fall into this camp.

Is the show suitable for autistic people?

We have found that autistic people LOVE our shows! Please note the venue is dark and there is surround sound. We advise sitting at the end of a row if you think a quick exit might be required. Our on-site staff will assist if you alert them at check-in.

What are your Covid safety policies?

We are committed to following state and federal guidelines.
Should any precautions be required for a particular show, you will receive an email confirming the policies in place for the show you are attending.

If you are not comfortable with these our customer service team will gladly assist you moving your tickets to a later showing.

Show Times & Seating Schedule

  • Check-in begins 45 minutes before each show.

    Please note:
  • VIP ticket holders are invited to enjoy early seat selection in the planetarium, from 15 minutes before show start time. Priority seating is not guaranteed after this time window.
  • Seating is on a “first come first serve” basis
    We suggest that you arrive early to have the best pick of seating for your group.
  • Due to the dark environment of our theater, please plan to arrive on time and before the show starts. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • Entrance is through the main museum doors on 18th Street (behind the dinosaur sculptures). Exit will be through the south doors on Mountain Rd., across from the park.
  • This is an experience in the planetarium. The museum will NOT be open during this event.

    Additional Venue information
  • Except for bottled water, no food and drink are allowed in the planetarium.
  • Ticketing is done exclusively through this website which is not administered by the museum staff. If you have any inquiries or issues, to get the swiftest resolution please contact us directly at
  • This is a different experience from First Friday Fractals. Fractal animations with live narration will continue to be presented the first Friday evenings of each month.

Venue Information

Albuquerque, NM exterior official

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Planetarium

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Planetarium is the largest domed theater in the area bordered by Fort Worth TX, Denver CO, and Tucson AZ. The 4K projection system and surround sound transports audiences to vistas throughout the universe and beyond the imagination.


New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, 1801 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104
(Near Old Town)

Parking is available to the East of the dinosaur statues across 18th St.

Visit the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Your Mesmerica tickets permit you entry to the planetarium for the performance time you have booked, no other tickets need to be purchased for you to attend!

However, if you wish to visit the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science;

The Museum is open Wednesday through Monday
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and closed on Tuesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's days

(please note that at 5 p.m. the Museum closes, and remains closed during Mesmerica screenings)

Find out more about other planetarium shows by visiting the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science website:

To book museum tickets & check pricing, visit:

Come to a live First Friday Fractal show for a different planetarium experience. Find out more at: